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Deepen Your Connection with Gratitude

Gratitude has consistently proven to be a key success factor in romantic relationships. But over time, couples may overlook this and focus too much on negatives. Graidful counters this by encouraging consistent recognition and celebration of the positives, fostering a more harmonious connection.


Capture Moments

Cherish special moments together by creating a shared digital memory album. Add photos to make your memories come to life.

Built-In Templates and Emotions

Express yourselves with ease using tailored templates and emotion labels, enhancing your communication and understanding.

Weekly Review

Reflect on your week together, strengthening your bond through shared experiences and growth.

Chat with Your Partner

Stay connected and deepen your communication with a private chat space just for the two of you.

Get Helpful Insights

Gain valuable insights into your relationship dynamics, helping you nurture and grow your bond.

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Premium Features

Complete history

Relive your relationship's entire story with full access to every recorded week, moment, and your entire chat


Enjoy an enhanced journaling experience with expanded templates, custom icons, emotions, unlimited photo uploads, and more.


Explore your relationship's depth with detailed statistics, offering insights into patterns and growth.

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